DVD Ingrid Klimke – Training for Dressage Horses 1

DVD Just Paul – The first year of training
29. December 2015
DVD Basic Training for riding Horses 3
29. December 2015

The basic foundations are in place and now we continue further with the training of the dressage horse. Together with her mentor, Paul Stecken, Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke refines the lateral movements, optimises the flying change and begins with the sequence changes. The development of the collected movements are supported by Wilfried Gehrmann, the in-hand work expert. Rarely does watching riding give one such joy and enthusiasm to try it themselves.

The name Klimke stands for correct, horse friendly and successful training to the highest levels. Ingrid Klimke’s DVD series ” Basic Training for ridden horses” is a masterpiece, with great ideas to incorporate in your riding. In this series her horses are one year further along in their training and on the correct path to advanced dressage.


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