Sir Girovanni T
17. March 2022
La Cala
8. October 2021

Trakehner Wallach
born 2017
Shapiro / St. Pr. Pr. u. Elite Stute Praise Me

Marion Essing

Marion Essing, Ingrid Klimke, Markus Waterhues

Shapiro In Petto E. H. Buddenbrock
St. Pr. u. Elite St. Insterfee VII
St. Pr. u. Elite St. Shakira E. H. Biotop
Shira II
St. Pr., Pr. u. Elite St.Praise Me Goldschmidt E. H. Biotop
Pr. St. Goldstück
St. Pr. u. Pr. St.Pretty Flower E. H. Tuareg
St. Pr. u. Pr. St. Pretty Daughter

My longtime friend Markus Waterhues drew my attention to “Praise Him” in October 2019 at the traditional Trakehner Stallion Market weekend in Neumünster. The then 2-year-old was actually not in my focus at all! My focus was on the elite Trakehner mare “Pure Freude” by breeder Marion Essing, who was presented in my seminar but was not for sale.

Marion and Markus, who had already accompanied the training of “Praise Him” (mother “Praise Me” – also an elite mare) as well as of “Pure Freude”, then wanted to show me “Praise Him”: the younger brother of the beautiful Trakehner mare, licensing candidate of his year in Neumünster.

At first, I refused. A 2-year-old stallion seemed too young to me. But Marion and Markus guided me to his stall and one look through the stall door and at his pedigree changed everything!

Besides his friendly, people-oriented, sensitive, curious nature and his strong movements, his pedigree convinced me: “Biotop” on father and mother side!


“Biotop” was my father’s last horse, which I took over after his sudden death. He was an extraordinary stallion! His dynamics and his charisma have always fascinated me. “Biotop’s” strength of character and his distinct stallion behavior was a special challenge for all of us.

Marion, Markus, and I quickly made a plan and Greta bought him for us as a consortium of three “Praise Him”. He was laid and at Marion’s stud Gut Roest, together with Markus, she carefully began the gelding’s further training. “Praise Him” developed well and became the reserve riding horse champion at the Trakehner Federal Tournament 2020.