Praise Him
3. March 2022

Deutsches Sportpferd
born 2015

Bernd Templin

Vivica Mittelsten Scheid

Sir Donnerhall I Sandro Hit Sandro Song
Contenance D Donnerhall
Contenance II
Derbynacht Don Giovanni Diamond Hit
Lady Day
Quentchen Glück Quando-Quando

Sir Girovanni T is also owned by Mrs. Vivica Mittesten Scheid and joined our stable in June 2022.

The big dark chestnut is a lovely gelding. In handling he is serene and uncomplicated. He has three very good basic gaits. Thanks to his elasticity and suppleness, he gives me a wonderful riding feeling. He makes a real effort, is docile and is easy to work with. He will surely find his way into the small tour via young horse competitions of the advanced class.