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Horses for Heroes – Hope for abused children

To children affected or at risk of sexual abuse, offers help and protection. Courageous and passionately determined, these children will be given a hopeful future.

The overwhelming joy of children must not be overwhelmed by sexual violence!

As a mother of two daughters, it is particularly important to me to be a “guardian angel” for affected children at


I am a big fan of SAPBerry!

SAPBerry (together with all the other Wonder Ponies) is doing such fantastic work!
I’d like to explain the story behind the Wonder Ponies.

At Badminton Horse Trials in 2015 a little cuddly toy pony was bought as a gift for 17-year-old Hannah Francis. The promising young rider had just learnt that she had an aggressive bone cancer in her pelvis and right hip joint.

This pony became well known very quickly in the horsey world, with tens of thousands of followers on social media and to date has raised over  £1.3 million for bone cancer research and helping seriously ill people and their families by granting ‘Willberry’s Wishes’.

Ben Hobday wore that pony on his back during his 2016 Badminton Cross Country ride to bring awareness about Hannah and her legacy.

Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony has been given charity status with Ben Hobday & Kitty King as patrons and you too can buy your own Wonder Pony at

This is how Hannah’s “Wonder Pony” story and memory is shared worldwide and, together with all the other Wonder Ponies, fights the battle against cancer.
Follow SAPBerry and see everything that he experiences!

And here you can read the detailed story of Hannah’s Wilberry Wonder Pony!

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Since 2015 I have been the Ambassador for “Kids need Fans!”, the Sport initiative of the childrens assistance Plan International Germany. Together with other sportswomen and men, like Football World Master Mario Götze, top sprinter Tatjana Pinto or tobogganing Olympic Champion Felix Loch, I am committed to boys and girls in developing countries.

Plan International is a religiously and ideologically independent aid organization that is committed to the opportunities and rights of children worldwide. For almost 80 years Plan has been striving to provide boys and girls a life free of poverty, violence and injustice. Plan provides the means for boys and girls to shape their future- they have a voice and become active creators of their environment. Improving the sustainable living standards of over 70 countries is their top priority.


For me the work as an Ambassador for ”Kids need Fans!” something dear to me. I have 2 children and know just how important it is to support and guide their development. This is why I have sponsored a little girl in Tansania. Her name is Salma Ally. In order to draw attention to her needs- as well as to the needs of all the other children in the world- I have dedicated my Silver Medal from Rio Olympics to Salma Ally.

Further information at

Deutscher Kinderschutzbund

Since April 2013 I have been a Patron of the Child Protection Organisation, in the Münster region. I took over the honorary position as a Patron, because I was able to do a great deal with sport and I would like to contribute to the support of children in my hometown. It is of great concern to me that children are able to enjoy a happy childhood. I see the Child Protection Organisation Münster as a point of contact and advice for all families facing challenges or problems.

As part of the action “Give your time” the association is running, I will spend enjoyable time with the children, financially support selected projects of the association by means of various projects, and on my homepage, as well as on my Facebook site, but also in my personal conversation to raise awareness – especially in the field of sport.


“Ribbon Route” for Pink Ribbon

As of 2017, I am the ambassador of the “Ribbon route” for Pink Ribbon. The Pink Ribbon is an unmistakable symbol for bringing awareness to breast cancer and its early detection. I want to help reach as many girls and women as possible. Taking care of my health and taking precautionary measures is very important to me. My mother passed this awareness on to me, and it is also something I will pass on to my daughters. And especially in a disease such as breast cancer, early detection is very important. Early detection is, in most cases, the basis for a possible cure. A crucial factor in reducing cancer risk is regular exercise. It is especially fun to be active, whether alone or with family and friends outside in nature. The “ribbon route” from Pink Ribbon gives you great route recommendations and covers approximately 4500 km in Germany and Switzerland. Whether on foot, by bike, or on horseback, every kilometre travelled on the route can be “donated” on the website. Join us and show your support!

Further activities

From every ticket from the sale of my Open Training, 10 € will be donated to different non-profit organizations.