Carmen Thiemann

Carmen is the very soul of the stable. She has a unique gift of communicating with horses and understanding their needs so that she is able to provide ideal care for each horse. No-one knows horses better than she! Carmen has full responsibility for the management of the stable and because of her great competence I am able to focus on my work with the horses in peace. She is always positive, has excellent organizational skills and even in difficult, pressure-filled situations her calm reliability and gift with both people and horses makes her irreplaceable for me and for the other members of the team. In 2013 Carmen has won the “Best Groom” title at the FEI Awards and 2020 “Best groom of the decade”! No one has earned this more than Carmen!

Dr. Tanja Sterling

Tanja has started her training as a horse trainer with a focus on classical riding training with us in September 2023. She is a graduated high school teacher and with her sympathetic and helpful nature she fits super in our team.

She is successful at competitions in dressage up to class L. Tanja has many years of experience with many different horses. She has a supple seat with a sensitive influence.

Furthermore she accompanies among other things the “Open Training”.

Amelie Dechert

Amelie started her apprenticeship as an equine trainer with a focus on classical riding training in July 2023. She already has experience in dressage and eventing up to elementary level and in show jumping up to medium level. In 2021, she was able to win the national quad for Hesse.

Amelie comes from a family farm and grew up with horses. She can quickly adapt to different horses and is saddle-fast.

Most importantly, she helps us train the young eventing horses!

She brought her own horse and will continue to train it with me in a versatile way.

Anne Barbrock

Anne and I have been friends for years. Now she is an integral part of our team. We benefit from her professional experience in Marketing, Project Management and Sales. Her enthusiasm also brings new creative energy into our team.

Kerstin Reiß

Kerstin is my assistant and organizes my office. Many topics that involve my diverse tasks and challenges are in her hands. She takes care of the organization of tournament starts and personnel matters, looks after the homepage, interview requests, as well as many other organizational issues. She also helps me with my finances. Among other things, she deals with the financial accounting and controlling. Furthermore, she brings her experience into our team.

The property of Schulze Bruening

is perfect for my horses. Here we enjoy large, bright box stalls on the floor of an old threshing barn, a large arena, beautiful grounds, great hacking and meadows for turnout. We have ideal conditions for keeping horses so they feel well and this is the basis from which we can carry out good training.