Carmen Thiemann

Carmen is the very soul of the stable. She has a unique gift of communicating with horses and understanding their needs so that she is able to provide ideal care for each horse. No-one knows horses better than she! Carmen has full responsibility for the management of the stable and because of her great competence I am able to focus on my work with the horses in peace. She is always positive, has excellent organizational skills and even in difficult, pressure-filled situations her calm reliability and gift with both people and horses makes her irreplaceable for me and for the other members of the team. In 2013 Carmen has won the “Best Groom” title at the FEI Awards. No one has earned this more than Carmen!

Lea Quantius

I first met Lea in Africa, as she was working for Her open and friendly personality impressed me from the start and after coming to us as a working student, it was clear she would be our next apprentice.Lea has a good seat and is able to adapt to lots of different horses with sensitivity. She is very hard working, keen and wants to learn everything.
In alternation with our other apprentice, Thyra Langels, Lea will also be responsible for assisting with the “Open Training”

Thyra Langels

Thyra kommt aus einer Trakehner-Züchterfamilie in Sachsen-Anhalt. Ihr Großvater Otto Langels und mein Vater ritten schon zusammen und schätzen sich sehr als Pferdemenschen.
Ihre Einstellung zu den Pferden, ihre freundliche und aufgeschlossene Art haben uns sofort überzeugt. Thyra hat bereits Erfahrungen in Reitställen in den USA und in Namibia gesammelt und konnte sich sehr schnell in unser Team einfügen.
Sie hat ihr eigenes Pferd mitgebracht, mit dem sie in ihrer Lehrzeit gemeinsam vielseitige Erfahrungen sammeln kann.

Ina Veltmann

Since February 2017 Ina Veltmann joined our team. Ina is managing my office. Amongst others her tasks are the homepage, interview requests and organizational issues.

Anne Barbrock

Anne and I have been friends for years. Now she is an integral part of our team. We benefit from her professional experience in Marketing, Project Management and Sales. Her enthusiasm also brings new creative energy into our team.

Kerstin Roß


Kerstin Roß supports our team since September 2017. She has stepped in to help me in dealing with my finances and behind the scenes in the office.

The property of Schulze Bruening

is perfect for my horses. Here we enjoy large, bright box stalls on the floor of an old threshing barn, a large arena, beautiful grounds, great hacking and meadows for turnout. We have ideal conditions for keeping horses so they feel well and this is the basis from which we can carry out good training.