FRH Butts Abraxxas
28. December 2015
PASSIER Excellence Cross Country and Jumping Saddle powered by Ingrid Klimke
29. December 2015
PASSIER Excellence Cross Country and Jumping Saddle powered by Ingrid Klimke
29. December 2015
FRH Butts Abraxxas
28. December 2015

Dresden Mann

westfalian Gelding
born 2004
by Dresemann / Florestan I

Breeder: Hubert Vornholt, Münster

Clodagh Wallace, London
Ingrid Klimke


Letter from Alfi!

Most Dear Boss Lady,

I would like you to know just how much I love and respect you and so I have
asked my owner to write on my behalf.

From the day that I came to your stable I knew just how lucky I was. I did
not enjoy the Landgestuet all that much and but I did learn to show off
there which was fun.

I am sorry that I was naughty and strong willed as a teenager. It seems
that my heart ruled my head and I did not respect you as much as I should
have done. Boys will be boys as they say and I am so glad that you have 2
lovely daughters and not 2 naughty teenage boys growing up in your lovely

You taught me so much and I so loved showing off and I was especially happy
when you were pleased with me. We had a lot of fun together and I hope that
you will only remember the good times when you look back.

I am sad that I shall not be going to Rio as Escada tells me that is the
place to be next year. I know that you and she will show them how it should
be done over there. I speak German and English but am not sure about their
funny language over there. My owners are sad not to have the excuse to go
to Rio. They also had high hopes.

I owe Carmen a huge debt of gratitude for always being so kind to me and
taking such good care of me and making me look so smart when I went out.

I shall miss the fun that we have had together and I thank you most
sincerely for such wonderful memories. I shall never forget.

You will achieve more and more great things and I shall be proud to have
been a part of the jigsaw of your life.

Please know that I shall be watching out for you and shall remain extremely
proud to have played a small part your extraordinary career.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Your humble servant,