SAP Freudentänzer
8. January 2021
La Cala
8. October 2021
La Cala
8. October 2021
SAP Freudentänzer
8. January 2021

First Class

Hannoveraner Mare
born 2012
v. Fürstenball / Bergamonn

Jan-Peter Hartlef

Vivica Mittelsten Scheid

Fürstenball Fürst Heinrich Florestan I
Maradonna Donnerhall
Buena Vista Bergamon Baryshnikov
Evita Espri

First Class T came to us in the stable in May 2022. Mrs. Vivica Mittelsten Scheid entrusted her to us. She has been trained to Grand Prix level and has been successfully shown at competitions.

First Class is a chic and sensitive mare with an expressive eye. Our “Püppi” is light-footed and elegant. Her conformation is harmonious, and she has a lively hind leg. The very good walk, the practical canter and the lively trot make her a predestined dressage horse. In character, she is hardworking, ambitious, and eager to learn. She is fine to ride and always motivated.

I am looking forward to her first competitions and her further development!