Right Forever
27. April 2020
First Class
3. March 2021
First Class
3. March 2021
Right Forever
27. April 2020
FreudentÑnzer Seite

SAP Freudentänzer

Westphalian stalion
born 2013
v. Franziskus / Rubinstein I

Heinrich Sauer

Dr. Ariane Reinhart / Vivica Mittelsten Scheid / Ingrid Klimke

Franziskus Fidertanz Fidermark
Reine Freude
Antara Alabaster
Romanze Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier
Pia Parademarsch

Freudentänzer came to us in the stable in November 2020 (end of 7 years). His co-owner Dr. Ariane Reinhart and I gave him his name. It is a “joy” to train this special “dancer = Tänzer” – my dream horse! We had him already 3 years old a few months for training with us in the stable. I also found him very interesting because of his pedigree. He is the last foal out of Damon Hill’s mom and has Franziskus for a father.
“Sternchen” is a little charmer with special charisma! His big calm eye reflects his intelligent and friendly character. His compact build and enormous elasticity make him a pleasure to ride.
In 2021, Sternchen developed very well and quickly learned many new lessons. He is smart, fine, sensitive and gives a wonderful riding feeling! He gained show experience and placings in M and S dressage.
In 2022, multiple advanced (S) level victories followed. He also attracted attention in Aachen when he finished second in his first Intermediaire I. He is making great progress and he has immense fun developing – not only in dressage, but also in Cavaletti exercises. He enjoys his morning grazing and his weekly rides.