29. August 2019
SAP Freudentänzer
8. January 2021
SAP Freudentänzer
8. January 2021
29. August 2019

Right Forever

Westphalian gelding
born 2016
v. Rock Forever I / Brentano

Daniel Stegemann

Dr. Ariane Reinhart / Ingrid Klimke

Rock Forever I Rockwell Rocket Star
Lady Sunshine Landstreicher
Bella Donna Brentano II Bolero
Wolkentänzerin Weltmeyer

Together with Dr. Ariane Reinhart I bought Right Forever in April 2020. Wilhelm Holkenbrink discovered and raised “Racker” as a foal. Until he was 4 years old, he stood in the playpen and only shortly before he came to us, we started to break him in.

The offspring of Rock Forever has a very harmonious conformation and brings all the prerequisites as a dressage horse. He has a fancy head, and his expressive eye is fascinating. Racker has well angulated hindquarters with a lively off-footed hind leg. His three basic gaits convinced us right away. He has a curious and friendly character and is calm despite his inexperience.
Carmen and I are very happy to train this youngster from the beginning.
In the meantime, he has learned the little basics in a playful way and loves to spend his time with Biene on the pasture.

He has won the dressage horse class A and successfully competed in dressage horse classes L + M in 2022.

The likeable brown one not only makes a good picture in the dressage arena, he also loves to jump.