Hannoveraner Stute
geb. 2014
v. Verdi / Heraldik xx

Pietscher GbR

Pietscher GbR / Ingrid Klimke

Verdi (Q-Verdi) Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Clarissa Landgraf I
Hera Heraldik xx Caramel xx
Heraldika xx
Astrid Amethyst
Dorette 11060

In December 2018 Van Hera P, a 4 year old, came to us after weaning her foal.

She is the half sister to Asha and is from the same Heraldik mother and by the jumping stallion Verdi.

Hera is very willing to learn and perform. She is self confident, brave and above all, in her element in the cross country, destined to be an eventer.

She has good paces and jumps well. Because of the training she missed as a four year old she has a fair bit of catching up to do in all 3 disciplines and lots to learn.

This year will be spent gaining experience in dressage, jumping, and cross country horse classes.